NOVEMBER 23. 2020


St. Cloud Diocese Important Notice:


"Faith Formation, youth gatherings, retreats and related activities. From now until the end of the year, these in-person gatherings must be suspended and shifted to on-line meetings or conducted at home.  


Growing a life-impacting and disciple making youth ministry program is one of the most important, yet challenging ministries in the Church today. The young people of our church are not only the future of our parish and our larger Church they are a very important part of our Church today.  We have a wonderful Youth Ministry!


Would you like to be a part of this ministry? 


You don’t need to attend events or interact with the young people at all and you can still be actively involved in creating a vibrant youth ministry program here at St. Marcus.  If you are interested in Youth Ministry, please talk to Peggy, our Director of Faith Formation.

Youth Ministry Contact


Peggy Berger



St. Marcus Catholic Church
8701 Main Avenue
P.O. Box 237
Clear Lake, MN  55319

Office: 320-743-2481
Father Joe, Ext. 2


Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper, Ext. 4
Peggy, Faith Formation, 320-743-3346


Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper:

Faith Formation: 

Office Hours:

Visits By Appointment Only

Winter Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to 1PM
Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to Noon

Mass Times:
St. Marcus
Saturdays – 5PM
Sundays – 8AM
Mondays – 8AM
Wednesdays – 8AM


(Note: If there is a funeral
on a Monday or a Wednesday,
there will be no morning Mass.)
St. Lawrence:
Sundays – 10AM
Tuesdays – 8AM

St. Marcus - Clear Lake:
Saturday at 4:00pm
St. Lawrence – Duelm
After the Sunday Mass

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