The Code of Canon Law [the law that governs the functioning of the Church] allows for the establishment of a Parish Pastoral Council in each Parish. The role of the Council is to “foster the pastoral activity of the Church” (Canon 536 par. 2.)


In other words the role of the Council is to insure that spiritual and educational needs of the Parish are being met. The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body – giving suggestions and advice to the Pastor.


The Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month when there is agenda items. The meetings are announced in the bulletin. All Parish members are welcome to attend the meetings. 

St. Marcus Catholic Church
8701 Main Avenue
P.O. Box 237
Clear Lake, MN  55319

Office: 320-743-2481

Father Joe, Ext. 2

(Rectory: 320-743-6220)

Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper, Ext. 4

Peggy, Faith Formation, 320-743-3346


Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper:

Faith Formation: 

Office Hours:

Visits By Appointment Only

Winter Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to 1PM
Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to Noon

Mass Times:
St. Marcus
Saturdays – 5PM
Sundays – 8AM
Mondays – 8AM
Wednesdays – 8AM


(Note: If there is a funeral
on a Monday or a Wednesday,
there will be no morning Mass.)
St. Lawrence:
Sundays – 10AM
Tuesdays – 8AM

St. Marcus - Clear Lake:
Saturday at 4:00pm
St. Lawrence – Duelm
After the Sunday Mass

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