St. Marcus Church was founded in 1888.


      The organization of the St. Marcus congregation at Clear Lake dates back to the year 1887; Rev. F. H. Stemper, at that time pastor of the Cathedral at St. Cloud, being the organizer.       


      The present day church was built in 1910 at a cost of $9,718.00 and Carl Kropp of St. Cloud was the general of  contractor.  There were fifty families in the Parish at that time who pledged $8,200.00 so that the project so   could be undertaken.  That means that each family would have had to pledge $164.00 – not a lot of money today - but HUGE MONEY in 1910.  The Parishioners furnished all the stone and brick and they did all the  excavating and hauling of  materials.


     From pictures available – no dates on them – the crucifix that now adorns our sanctuary was a part of the building since 1910 – we believe. 


     There was an auction sale of items from the Church – statues, paintings from the ceiling and the crucifix in 1970.  A local Clear Lake citizen had purchased the statue of St. Marcus as well as the crucifix.  Through the generosity of a parishioner, the statue and crucifix was purchased, so they could be installed in our church once again.

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