St. Marcus

St. Marcus Phone: 320-743-2481

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-Noon

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Parish Staff Pastor: Fr. Joseph Backowski

320-743-2481 Extension 2 .

(Rectory): 320-743-6220

Faith Formation: Peggy: 320-743-3346



Parish Secretary / Bulletin Editor / Bookkeeper:

Kathy: 320-743-2481, Ext. 4



Mass Schedule Weekend:

Saturday at 5pm & Sunday at 8:00am Weekday: Monday & Wednesday 8:00am


Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 4:00pm

St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Phone: 320-968-7502 Hours:…...…....Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 8:00am to Noon

Web Page:


Parish Staff

Pastor: Fr. Joseph Backowski……...…


Faith Formation:

Betty Home Phone (evenings): 320-968-6595

Work Phone: 320-968-7497*


*Staffed only on Wednesdays during class hours. Email:


Parish Secretary / Bulletin Editor / Bookkeeper: Ann..…….………….......….…….…..320-968-7502 Email..… Parish Hall Caretaker: Carol: 320-968-7502


Mass Schedule Weekend:

Sunday: 10am

Weekday: Tuesdays at 8:00am


Reconciliation: Sundays following Mass St.

St. Marcus Catholic Church
8701 Main Avenue
P.O. Box 237
Clear Lake, MN  55319

Office: 320-743-2481
Father Joe, Ext. 2


Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper, Ext. 4
Peggy, Faith Formation, 320-743-3346


Kathy, Secretary/Bookkeeper:

Faith Formation: 

Office Hours:

Visits By Appointment Only

Winter Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to 1PM
Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday:  

8AM to Noon

Mass Times:
St. Marcus
Saturdays – 5PM
Sundays – 8AM
Mondays – 8AM
Wednesdays – 8AM


(Note: If there is a funeral
on a Monday or a Wednesday,
there will be no morning Mass.)
St. Lawrence:
Sundays – 10AM
Tuesdays – 8AM

St. Marcus - Clear Lake:
Saturday at 4:00pm
St. Lawrence – Duelm
After the Sunday Mass

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