St. Marcus Cemetery Board & Rules and Guidelines:


Owners of Interment Sites in the Saint Marcus Cemetery shall follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Cemetery Board.


Rules and Guidelines may be changed from time to time as deemed necessary by the Cemetery Board.


The Cemetery Board consists of five (5) elected members who are elected annually in conjunction with the Parish Council.  Terms are five (5) years.  No elected member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.


Regular meetings are scheduled on the fourth (4th) Tuesday in January, April, July and October.

Meetings are on hold due to Covid.




GENERAL RULES (For all sites)

  • An agreement must be signed with the Saint Marcus Cemetery Board when a Lot is purchased.

  • Each Interment Site requires the purchase of a Cemetery Lot which is $400.00 for Parish members and $1,000 for non-parish members plus $40.00 for a monument foundation.

  • Interment Site use:

  • Each Interment Site is for the Interment of one (1) body.

  • Each Interment Site is for the Interment of up to six (6) cremations.  The cremation vault must be purchased from the St. Marcus Cemetery Board at a cost of $150.00 each.

  • Vaults are required for all burials.

  • A Certificate of Burial or Cremation must be provided to the Cemetery Board prior to, or at the time of burial.

  • An insured gravedigger approved by the Cemetery Board will do the digging of all graves including graves for babies & Cremations.

  • All monument bases must be placed on concrete foundation not to exceed eighteen (18) inches in width and not to exceed thirty-six (36) inches in length on a single Lot and seventy-two (72) inches on a double Lot.  The Cemetery Board shall be notified prior to the placement of the monument.

  • Trees or plants cannot be planted into the ground of the Cemetery.

  • Planters shall be secured on the concrete foundation.   The Cemetery Board will provide holes in the concrete foundation for planters.

  • All decorations must be on the concrete foundation provided for the ease of Cemetery ground’s maintenance.

  • The original owner can transfer their Lot(s) to the person(s) of their choice.

  • The transfer will become effective when the Rules & Guidelines of Saint Marcus Cemetery are met and the new owner(s) sign(s) an agreement with the Saint Marcus Cemetery Board.

  • An owner may receive a refund for a Lot purchased at the original purchase price.