​​Father Virgil's Message​


Dear Parishioners,

             This Thursday is the celebration of Thanksgiving – the annual day to give thanks to God in a special way for all the good things He has blessed us with this year. For each of us the list is different because God is a personal God – a God who is concerned about each of us individually. So I invite you to look at all those blessings you have and give thanks.

             As the Parishes of St. Marcus and St. Lawrence, as the Diocese of St. Cloud, as the citizens of the United States we have many things to be grateful for. We have our freedom to worship without threat. We have the freedom to gather as family and friends. We have virtually every material thing we need and most of what we want and for this we are indeed grateful.

This Thanksgiving I invite you to attend either the Mass of Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM at St. Lawrence or the Mass of Thanksgiving on Thursday at 8:00 AM at St. Marcus. I also invite you to bring non-perishable food to the liturgy [or on the weekend] to be given to the local food shelves.  Coming together to celebrate the Eucharist – which means thanksgiving – is a            profession of faith in God who blesses us always.


The weekend of November 29 & 30 is the First Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of preparing for the celebration of the Birth of Christ. What are you going to do this Advent to make the celebration of the Birth of Christ special for you – for your family?

With all the hype about shopping and partying and, and, and…plan to prepare your heart and soul for the BIRTHDAY OF THE LORD!

Be grateful to God always and plan to prepare your heart and soul for Christmas…

Fr. Virg


Fr. Virgil Helmin



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