​​Father Virgil's Message​

Dear Parishioners,
             The celebrations of the Birth of Christ, the Holy Family, the Motherhood of Mary, the Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord are now complete and they were wonderful celebrations.
             There are lists of people who made the celebrations as great as they were. First of all the people who gave of their time and talent to decorate our Churches did a wonderful job of making them beautiful and festive. Your creative ideas and your expertise will be rewarded by God. [Thank you to Kevin & Melody Gradin for the beautiful tree in the Sanctuary at St. Lawrence.]
Thank you to the musicians and singers. Sharing your talents with our communities is very much appreciated. “To sing is to pray twice” and your leading of our congregations in song and prayer will be richly rewarded by God.
The Lectors, Communion Ministers, Servers and Ushers did a great job. Your gifts of time and talent are very necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist. God will bless you a hundredfold.
God bless all of you for your gifts to our Parishes and for your participation in our communities.
It takes many people every weekend to celebrate the liturgies well. Our current ministers: the         lectors, communion ministers,     servers, ushers and musicians and singers do a marvelous job. However, we need more people to step up and help with the lecturing, ministering communion, serving, ushering and providing music. The more people that volunteer – the fewer times each person will be scheduled.
I am pleading with all of you! Please volunteer to help in our Liturgies! If you are willing to help there will be training so that we you can perform your task comfortably and correctly. Please contact me @ 320-743-6220; Kathy Gray @ St. Marcus @ 320-743-2481 or Judy Wipper @ St. Lawrence @ 320-968-7502.
May God work in your hearts and minds so that you will share your time and talent with our Parishes.
Fr. Virg


Fr. Virgil Helmin



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