​​Father Virgil's Message​

 Dear Parishioners,

             This weekend we celebrate Corpus Christi – the Body and Blood Christ. It is the weekend that we give thanks to Jesus Christ for his gift to us – his very Body and Blood that give us the grace and strength to live our Baptismal promises.

             This weekend also means the end of school for some and certainly the beginning of the last week of school for others. Now life takes on a different time table…there are the summer sporting programs, summer school for some, vacations and time “UP NORTH” and many other and varied events.

With all the activity that occupies our time we must not put on the back burner or forget our faith/spiritual life. We look on line to find routes to travel, restaurants to eat at and places to stay as we go from one place to another. As you devise your itinerary make sure you find the Church in the places you are visiting so that you can give God a portion of your time and God can continue to intervene in your life and HE DOES when you give him the time.

With all the activities going on, plan also to spend some time reading and reflecting on the Scriptures; praying as individuals and as families; reading spiritual works and reflecting on your eternal goals. If your spiritual house is in order – your life will be content and summer will be a time for fun, relaxation and growing closer to God.

May God be a part of all our activities this summer.

Fr. Virg


Fr. Virgil Helmin



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